Saturday, February 23, 2013

Welcome to the blog again!

Just said to myself.. it will be nice to write on blog again, to remember what I am going through within my life. It is fun to read my sis' blog. It is so entertaining and also make me know her better since we live far away. Then I tried to log on and found out my old blog. It was from 2007 and it is a boring blog. :)

Still dunno what should I write here. Currently I am 34wks on my pregnancy. It is gonna be boy again.
So far I only gain 6,5 kg, compare with my first boy which was 8 kg before, it is not so bad.
2nd pregnancy this time is not easy too. Maybe because I am older now, so my body is not as fit as before.
I get tired so easy, experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, 3 months morning sickness (4,5 mths on first child). This time I dont have severe back pain, but right hip pain due to baby position on the right side the press the right hip more.

Last time I cant sleep too. Woke up at 2 am, my neck, shoulder and hand was stiff and full tension. So, I do some meditation, relaxing and stretching before went back to sleep. Also wake up couple of times due to bladder. Very hard to get up from sleeping position to sit down and stand up esp because of the pressure on the right hip. Sometimes I walk limb.

Go back to sleep for couple hours and woke up again due to bladder again and nightmare. I dream I was hit by big thunderstorm that my body instantly become black ash witnesses by my young son and my dajie.
And I can hear my son screaming mama..... i want my mama..
Woke up and see my son sleeping on my side made me relief.. it just a dream. and just a dream.
To see him sleep soundly next to me, it is a bless.
Dont care with people said that he should sleep alone in his room.. But he always want to sleep with me in my room. Sometimes i feel missing if he is not sleeping with me.
Love you son...

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Overcome said...

Hey sis, welcome to blog world again! Yah, pregnancy is never be easy, that's why 'Mom' is always great hehe... :)
All those pain will only be temporary. Once the baby comes out, all that you've gone through is worthed, and slowly all the pain will be gone. Just pray that you and your baby will be healthy, safe, and everything goes smoothly during delivery time. At the mean time, enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy time that do not come often in your life :) Have a great Sunday!!!