Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xmas mood in Melbourne

Two days ago, I acted as a tourist at Melbourne. I joined free shuttle bus around the city. My first stop is the Shrine of Remembrance. I visited there before in 1999 but felt it is nothing there until I heard a little bit about this place from one of the Tour Leader. So I decided that I have to visit this place again to know about the history and what they have.

I was just lucky. Once arrived there, there were some students group. So I just followed them, and we have a free guided tour. First at all, we watch to the big screen about what the Austrailan feel to WW I and WW II. Then we had a chance to follow the ray of light ceremony every 11 am at the sanctuary. Every 11 nov 11 am, there is a ray of light into the box from the left to the right passing some words there. The view from the balcony is spectacular. You can see the straight line all the way to Swanson Street.

After spending 3 hours there, I continue my journey by the bus. My second and last stop is Queen Victoria Market. I had to shop some vegetables and fruits for my lunch.

I have appointement with my hubby to meet at Rod Laver Arena to watch junior qualification for Australia Open 2008. But I felt hungry so I bought the famous "Lord of the Fries" a french fries which you can choose the additional sauce. I tried indian sauce before. not bad. But this time I tried thai sauce which is satay peanut sauce.. not so good to be eaten with french fries. Then I took the tram to Rod Laver. It was very crowded. I have to stand holding my french fries. Many people look at me because of the aroma of french fries went all over the tram.When I stepped out from the tram, I just realised that actually I was in the same tram with my hubby. He was standing in the front side and I was at the middle side. The competition was very exciting to see the young talent tried their best to be compete at junior Aussie Open.

We wathced two matched than we headed home. Oh.. I still hungry... So I cook the korean ramen with my style.. yummy..

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My first Blog here

This is my first blog here. I just sign-up today, inspired by my sis, Rima....
This morning I start my first jogging at Flagstaff Garden, 5 mins walk from my spencer studio.
The sun is sunny but the wind is so cold.. I wear a wrong costum, a short pants and just a t-shirt. 2 minutes outside, I felt want to go back to my home and jogging at treadmil. But, I made up my mind that I should have more morning sun through my skin, Vit E right? So I tried to ignore the cool wind and started to jog.
Wow... there are lots of flowers at the garden. They are so beautiful.. white, pink, red, yellow.. wow... I absorbed the sunshine though my skin, smell the flowers, and refresh my view. Then I headed home, straight away went to gym, to continue my jogging there. And I exceeded my target today.
Today I am chatting the whole day, with some new..but "old friends".. Suddently they said hi to me. One is Chandra, ex collegemate at APT'93, then Pricilla and Anne from Smailing tour, Karen my ex housemate at singapore and Agun my best mate. So I quite pre occupied today.
Now, I am waiting for my hubby to come home..