Thursday, February 28, 2013

USG - 35 wks 5 days

Today I am 35 wks 5 days pregnant, 1st of March 2013. It is countdown time. Baby will come anytime.
Exciting too because less than 3 wks my mom will come here to help me and the baby, with another aunty.

I am having 36wks ultrasound to find out my 2 fibroids and the baby position. USG result is good. I am pretty satisfied and happy. My baby size is normal. He is 2,7kg at the moment even though I just gain 7,2kg. Not bad. I also doesnt want an oversize baby since it is gonna natural delivery. And I still ask the silly question to the doctor, Is my baby still a boy? She is laughing too.. Yes, he is still a boy. this is two ball and this is the penis.. Everybody say it it ok another boy, yeah it is ok.. but deep down here I am hoping a baby girl. Now I can understand my parent feeling when they have 4 girls and only one boy. :)
Another good result is my two fibroids. One of them is still the same size even the position move upward and another one even smaller size and both of them will not effect for the natural delivery process.
Baby position is great too. The baby head already move to below up side down. So, it is pretty much gonna be natural delivery. I hope everything gonna be smooth. I always pray that I will not suffer too long during the labour and God will give me the strenght and  help me going through the labour. I also wish that my mom and hubby will be beside me during the process. I need their support especially during each contraction.

I am much calmer than before. In the first semester pregnancy I am so worried about miscarriage since I had 8wks miscarriage two years ago but only found out in 11 wks pregnancy when I am about tell everyone that I was pregnant next week (new year 2012). But instead of spreading good news, I was having bad news on xmas day and have bleeding on boxing day. So during the first semester, I and hubby really take a good care of my pregnancy. I am having bed rest. My hubby took over all the domestic work. I become a queen of the house. I had 3 month morning sick. cant smell of cooking and cant cook at all. I rely a lot of take away food and indomie.

2nd semester, I am worried about the natural labour untill experienced a lot of nightmare about labour. I also experienced Carpal tunnel syndrome that attack both of my hands. We hurried up looking for sinshe to do accupunture and chinese medicine. My hubby also bought the hand rest to make it relief the pain. Lucky that within 3 days the pain is gone. I can lift my hand again. But I become more careful not to lift heavy thing or overuse my hand.

Now is 3rd semester. Everything is ok. Start the sleepless night. My right hip is pain due to baby position on right side pressing my muscle hip. Going to the loo every hour. But it is nothing than thinking it is less than a month I gonna meet my baby personally. Thank you God to trust us to have a second child. We will have a good care and love this baby and also treat it equally like his brother.

Have a good day!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Welcome to the blog again!

Just said to myself.. it will be nice to write on blog again, to remember what I am going through within my life. It is fun to read my sis' blog. It is so entertaining and also make me know her better since we live far away. Then I tried to log on and found out my old blog. It was from 2007 and it is a boring blog. :)

Still dunno what should I write here. Currently I am 34wks on my pregnancy. It is gonna be boy again.
So far I only gain 6,5 kg, compare with my first boy which was 8 kg before, it is not so bad.
2nd pregnancy this time is not easy too. Maybe because I am older now, so my body is not as fit as before.
I get tired so easy, experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, 3 months morning sickness (4,5 mths on first child). This time I dont have severe back pain, but right hip pain due to baby position on the right side the press the right hip more.

Last time I cant sleep too. Woke up at 2 am, my neck, shoulder and hand was stiff and full tension. So, I do some meditation, relaxing and stretching before went back to sleep. Also wake up couple of times due to bladder. Very hard to get up from sleeping position to sit down and stand up esp because of the pressure on the right hip. Sometimes I walk limb.

Go back to sleep for couple hours and woke up again due to bladder again and nightmare. I dream I was hit by big thunderstorm that my body instantly become black ash witnesses by my young son and my dajie.
And I can hear my son screaming mama..... i want my mama..
Woke up and see my son sleeping on my side made me relief.. it just a dream. and just a dream.
To see him sleep soundly next to me, it is a bless.
Dont care with people said that he should sleep alone in his room.. But he always want to sleep with me in my room. Sometimes i feel missing if he is not sleeping with me.
Love you son...